WISER to receive largest one-time donation in its history

On the heels of one of the most challenging years in WISER’s history, WISER has received some news that will shape the future of WISER in incredible ways. WISER has been chosen to receive a game-changing gift from Twitter and Square co-founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey, as part of the #StartSmall initiative. This is the […]

WISER co-founder addresses “indomitable” students ahead of final exams

“You are indomitable girls. Do you know the word indomitable? Impossible to subdue or defeat. You don’t become indomitable in a life without challenges. You become it by rising to meet challenges and conquering them.” WISER’s campus is quiet this March, but not the lonely, void-of-students-quiet of the beginning of the pandemic, over a year […]

One year later: WISER’s principal reflects on COVID-19 challenges and triumphs

“I knew to do this was high risk because families did not adhere to COVID 19 protocols but then it was a risk I had to take for the greater good of WISER girls.” WISER Principal Dorcas Oyugi As part of our International Women’s Week Campaign, we’re sharing stories of members of the Global WISER […]