“Simply astonishing”: A WISER supporter story

Chris Fletcher has known WISER for a long time. In fact, he was on-campus in Muhuru Bay when the walls of WISER’s classrooms were still being constructed. Now, after serving in the Army National Guard and working as a real estate development manager, Chris continues his support of WISER while pursuing a graduate degree in […]

High school student donates her $3,600 award to WISER

Angelina Not, a rising senior at The American School in Switzerland (TASIS), was recently named the winner of the Cathy Clark Memorial Scholarship. This award (valued at $3,600) is given each year to a student that shows tremendous dedication to service. What better way to show dedication to service than donating the entire award? That’s […]

WISER alumni train 250 women in sexual & reproductive health

As Mishel stands on WISER’s assembly hall stage, she looks at a crowd of more than 100 young women. Some are carrying small children. Others have brought their sisters. All are focused on her. Mishel looks to her former classmate, Luvy. She nods and Mishel holds an object up high for the crowd to see. […]