“Your monthly gift has the potential to change the world:” A WISER Supporter Story

“Women hold up half the sky. In supporting WISER, I am lending my small effort to uphold the arm, or shoulder, or heart of a hopeful young woman who lives far away as she is learning to hold up her part of the sky.” Becky Grantland first heard about WISER when her daughter, Liddy, lived […]

Exam scores are in: the Class of 2019 shines!

After years of tireless preparation, WISER’s Class of 2019 sat for their KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) exams at the end of last year. They were nervous, of course; this exam not only determines students’ acceptance to higher education programs, but also determines their access to scholarships. But the WISER Girls were prepared. They […]

WISER’s Top Five Things to Look Forward to in 2020

Ten years ago in 2010, WISER opened its campus in Muhuru Bay, welcoming its first class of 30 students. Now, teachers are busy preparing for 180 WISER girls to return and anticipating the arrival of a new class of 60 first year students, who are about to step onto WISER’s campus for the first time […]