“The world is cheering for them”: A WISER supporter story

Morgan Sheppard and her father, Don, have embodied the spirit of WISER for years. Morgan, a longtime advocate for quality education, traveled to WISER as a Duke University sophomore in 2009 and helped lay the groundwork for programs that still exist today. Curious about Morgan’s experience in Muhuru Bay, Don made the trip to Kenya […]

The Courage of WISER Girls

Right now, on WISER’s campus in Muhuru Bay, 32 girls are sitting in a room. In front of them – a collection of papers, pencils, protractors, and one education official standing watch nearby. It’s a test. THE test – the KCSE. And, as of November 22nd, it’s been happening for 16 days. The KCSE exam […]

WISER named in “Top 10 Nonprofits Committed to Impact”

WISER International has been named in GlobalGiving’s inaugural Top 10 Nonprofits Committed to Impact in 2017! WISER can be found as a special mention on the list, where the organization is recognized for its “commitment to Donor Engagement” and for “building an engaged network based on empathy.” This inaugural list highlights a group of GlobalGiving’s […]