WISER Girls Complete KCSE with Confidence

After years of preparation, WISER Girls in their final year of secondary school have completed the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams. The KCSE can take over a month to administer and covers eleven subjects. It is administered under strict, secure testing conditions to ensure a fair and equal testing experience for all students. […]

WISER’s Expansion Nearing Completion

Like any other Sunday on WISER’s campus, a group of girls have walked to the front of the WISER assembly hall to lead their classmates in fellowship through song and dance. Only today, instead of looking out on a crowd of girls huddled together in the cafeteria, they are looking out on the vast expanse […]

Connecting for Connectivity

Chances are, you are reading this blog on a computer screen. You likely found it via a link or a post that was shared via a computer. And no matter how you feel about this blog, you could share it or leave it via a computer function. Freeing, isn’t it? To be able to connect […]