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  • LifeScan’s Employee Resource Groups and the Community Relations Department Honored for their support of WISER.LifeScan of Johnson & Johnson was recognized with the Chairmen’s Award at the at the 2007 Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Summit on November 13, 2007. LifeScan has partnered with WISER to bring thousands of sanitary pads to school girls in Muhuru so that they will not have to miss school due to menstruation, which is the norm.

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  • Sustainable Community Development: Does the University have a Role?Fall 2007 Duke University sponsored by Duke Global Health, UNC School of Public Health.
  • Dr. Sherryl Broverman and Andy Cunningham present WISER plans for sustainability.
  • What is Knowledge in the Service of SocietySpring 2007 Duke University, sponsored by Duke Kenan Institute for Ethics.
  • Andy Cunningham presents about the role of translational learning in the development of WISER in Muhuru Bay, Kenya.
  • Educating Women for a World in Crisis Fall 2006. Tulane University. Duke scholar Claire Lauterbach presents her research about girls’ education in Muhuru Bay and the development of WISER.