WISER’s Programs


a co-educational enrichment program working with all 14 schools in the district that builds capacity in local teachers via professional development seminars. WISERBridge also utilizes pay-for-performance incentives for teachers and rigorous external benchmarking to improve and monitor student progress. In two years WISERBridge has improved the passing rate of girls on the KCPE, the Kenyan national exam, from 6% passing to 40% passing.

WISER Water Supply & Latrine Coverage

partnering with UNICEF-WASH to provide the first source of clean, drinking water to 20,000 people.

WISER Youth HIV Prevention Research

identifying community-level risk factors for HIV infection in youth and developing culturally-anchored interventions.

WISER Sanitary Pads

partnering with Johnson and Johnson to provide all girls in Muhuru Bay taking national exams with sanitary pads, helping them stay in school an extra six weeks a year to study.

WISER Scholarships for Boys

WISER provides scholarships to the three top boys each year in the WISERBridge program to attend any secondary school in Kenya.