Where The Money Goes

$3000 Provides a full scholarship to the WISER School for a year.

This provides everything a girl needs for a year in boarding school, plus helps us keep the lights on and provide the first clean drinking water and indoor toilets to our students.

$1000 Provides a safe place for 25 girls to live. 

Most girls in the community sleep on the ground and have never been on a bed. WISER provides safe and healthy living accommodations including mosquito nets. Your donation will provide 25 girls with beds and all dormitory furniture so they have a safe place to live.

$500 Provides all school supplies for 25 girls for one year.

WISER was recently ranked fourth out of 38 schools in the county for math ability! It was the top girls’ school and beat many all boys’ schools.

$400  Feeds one girl for one year

Most of our students have never had three meals a day, never mind a healthy, balanced diet that includes fruits, and vegetables.  Your donation helps WISER keep our students strong and healthy.

$300 Provides desks for 10 girls to study on.

Each girl at WISER gets her own desk in the classroom, a rarity in many schools. WISER also has a student-centered educational philosophy, which empowers girls to actively manage their own learning.

$200  Provides clean water for 4 girls for one year. 

In partnership with UNICEF-WASH, WISER has built the first water purification system in the area, not only for our school, but for the surrounding community.

$100  Provides health care for 10 girls for a year

One year of medical costs for 10 girls. Many of our students do not receive regular healthcare. WISER is the only school in the region that provides medical care – including ARVs, antimalarials, and psychological services – when a student is ill. In a region with the highest levels of malaria, cholera, and typhoid in Kenya, this is critical.

$50  Provides clothing for 2 girls for one year

Clothing for four girls includes two pairs of skirts, blouses, socks, sweaters, a tie, and a pair of shoes. Most of the students in our primary schools come dressed in rags; clean, new clothes provide them with dignity and pride.

$25  Provides all textbooks for one girl for one year

All textbooks necessary to educate one girl for one year. WISER covers all costs for its students, most of whom could not attend school if they had to purchase their own books, as they do in other schools.