Become a Partner School

Becoming a WISER Partner School

WISER partners with primary and secondary schools, colleges, and institutes around the world to to raise funds for scholarships and to educate about the significant improvements in health and development that can be achieved by educating a girl.

Partner schools also have the opportunity to connect with WISER students directly via collaborative video conferences, through collaborating on new projects that could be implemented in Muhuru Bay, and more.

At this moment, there are students and teachers working together for WISER everywhere from California to Switzerland, and you can join the team too.

Partner School Testimonial

Fran Wittman, long-time WISER partner and former coordinator of WISER’s partnership with Durham Academy in Durham, NC, has this to say about becoming a Partner School:

WISER is the story of so many lessons that we want our students to gain out of life.

The school’s inception is a perfect real-life example of how, if you approach life with an open heart, you can have a positive impact on the world. It’s a wonderful model of how one can recognize a need in society and then work to find a way to serve not just that one need, but an entire community in the process. It’s the lesson of what can happen with a great deal of hard work and dedication. And finally, it’s a story about the importance and value of an education.

WISER’s impact can reach far beyond the boundaries of Kenya. By working as a partner school with WISER, I’ve seen students come away with a new understanding of the significance of their own education, an appreciation for the opportunities they’ve been given, and an openness to the world around them so that they seek out chances to become better global citizens and make their own positive impact in the world.” 


If you’d like to become an official WISER partner school, please contact Zack Fowler at [email protected]