Our Impact

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WISER has a proven track record of successfully working with a traditional community and using rigorous metrics to assess the impact of its programs. We have kept girls in school, reduced young pregnancies, and changed girls who had done poorly in primary school into academic powerhouses who are outcompeting boys from well-established schools.  Girls that were not considered worth educating are now the top students in the county in math and science.

WISER by the numbers:

  • 85% of all WISER girls attend a college or university.
  • 95% of all WISER girls in the 2016 graduating class qualified for university.
  • In 2016, WISER girls won three science, math, and engineering prizes at the state level and came in fifth in the seven state regional competition.
  • WISER Secondary School has had three graduating classes since opening its doors in 2010 with 100% graduating in each class.
  • WISER alumni, who chose three-year healthcare higher education programs, will graduate in 2017. They will be the first WISER alumni to graduate from a college or university.
  • 40% of the WISER secondary school students are orphans.
  • The WISER Secondary School has had zero attrition of girls from our secondary school, unlike the 30% attrition due to pregnancy in neighboring schools.form 1 2019 girls mildred velma
  • Six WISER alumni return to campus during their break from university to mentor current WISER girls.
  • The WISER Secondary School was ranked #4 in a two county analysis of math scores after being open only three years and with having our girls compete against almost 2,000 boys.
  • The WISER Secondary School is ranked #3 in a county with 360 schools.
  • WISER provides the first clean drinking water in the area to over 5,000 community members, including the Ministry of Health clinic.
  • WISER provides sexual reproductive health curriculum to all WISER girls.