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Want to learn more about WISER? Want to become an advocate for teaching others about the challenges and successes of girls in rural Kenya? Download resources here and watch our videos. Contact us about how we can help you start your own campaign to partner with girls in Kenya.

Download Documents:

The WISER Case Statement

WISER in One Page

Where does the money go?

Watch our videos!

What is WISER: “I was not born to be unseen.”

A Noise of Hope

A Day in the Life of a WISER Girl

WISER Girls Flash Mob

WISER’s Opening Day Ceremony

Watch WISER’s first day of school. These girls are graduating in 2013!

Why do girls matter? Watch these videos made by the NIKE Foundation to learn about the pivotal role girls play in health and international development and why their education matters so much.

I dare you to see I am the answer.

The Clock is Ticking.