J&J COVID-19 Relief Campaign

This pandemic is about hunger and starvation. That is my worry more than the virus.

– WISER Principal Dorcas A. Oyugi

So Johnson & Johnson has committed to help.

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The closure of WISER’s campus in Muhuru Bay has created a need to support students now under lockdown at home with their struggling families. Like communities across the globe, Muhuru Bay has been subject to strict measures to contain COVID-19, such as closing schools, markets, and businesses, imposing stay-at-home orders and curfews, and shutting down international borders. These measures are deeply needed, but they reveal existing disparities and create new challenges for families like unemployment, inadequate healthcare, and increasingly, food insecurity. Girls will inevitably bear the brunt of these challenges, as well-documented practices of child marriage for material dowries, pressure to engage in transactional sex for basic necessities, and gender-based violence will again become a reality for our students. Kenya’s president recently addressed these concerns and the need for continued sexual and reproductive health support, noting at least one community where over 400 girls had become pregnant while out of school. 

We heard from students that their families are struggling to put food on the table every day. Under the leadership of Principal Oyugi, campus support staff have pivoted to distributing relief packages containing over 20 pounds (10 kg) of non-perishable food and hand soap. Girls receive free transportation to campus and come in small groups to maintain social distancing. Temperatures are taken at the gate, masks are required and provided to both staff and students, and everyone on campus practices regular hand washing and facilities cleaning. To date, we have distributed over 600 of these packages, containing approximately six tons of critical supplies. 

WISER’s dedicated COVID-19 Relief efforts cost approximately 4,000 United States Dollar (USD), or 426,760 Kenyan Shillings (KES), per month in addition to and/or redirected from standard anticipated operating expenses. This will represent over $36,000 in relief through the end of the year.

Join us now at [CaringCrowd Link] to raise $10,000 towards this essential effort! In addition to CaringCrowd’s 50% match on all donations, Johnson & Johnson will match up to 20% of our goal! But here’s the catch: we have to hit our target or we get nothing at all. Donation before [end date] to ensure WISER girls have their basic needs met so they can continue to thrive!

Did you know you can also become a monthly donor to WISER by having your gift deducted automatically from your paycheck with 200% company match? Contact [contact info] today to enroll!