WISER in Kenya

Hosting Savannah Johnson from Belmont College

WISER routinely hosts students from Duke University during the summer months (seen here with Savannah and our trusted drivers and friends), but this year we have the exciting addition of  Savannah Johnson, an alumni of Belmont College and Lumos Award Fellow. Graduating with dual degrees in education and psychology and certified as a teacher, Savannah […]

Houses of Wisdom

Every Monday afternoon at WISER the girls can be found sitting in circles under trees or around various corners of the campus. They group themselves according to their ‘Houses of Wisdom’ (peer support groups) and hold lively meetings where a different theme is selected each week. The girls discuss everything from shaving their armpits and […]

WISER Community Update

The focus of WISER this term remains on upcoming examinations as the teachers and students continue to undergo diligent preparations. It is always extremely impressive to witness the tremendous focus of the girls as they study late into the evening!  WISER ranked number 6 in all of the schools in the Migori-Nyatike District with a mean […]