WISER Under the Tree – Page 2

The Meaning of WISER

Sometimes when I sit down and flashback, I think… Life is so funny! My past experiences cannot be admired by any creature in the world. I used to wonder why I was created a girl in Muhuru-Bay—a place where there is gender discrimination. In a real sense, it was seen as a waste of time […]

Grand Challenges: Girls in STEM Education

In 2013, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation launched Grand Challenges, a series of annual initiatives aimed at fostering innovation in order to solve global health and development issues. These initiatives highlight and raise awareness of a clearly identified problem: encourage innovative researchers to collaborate and continue in research that has potential to help those […]

WISER Laid the Groundwork

Four years ago, when I worked on-site at WISER in Muhuru Bay for three months the summer before my sophomore year of college, I did so for two reasons: one; to help in any way I could, and two; to have an adventure. Four years later, I am excited to report that my adventure continues. […]

One Story or Another

Here’s one story about Muhuru Bay.   Muhuru Bay is buried in Kenya’s bottom-left corner; it’s part of what was once the Nyanza Province; its shores kiss Lake Victoria and provide a profitable fishing trade.   But this trade also brings a steady stream of fisherman, some of whom have transactional sex with women and […]

A Fundamental Approach: WISER and the new SDGs

  As the UN gathers to vote on the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) this week, I want to take a close look at how WISER is already meeting these goals in its own model. After living in Muhuru Bay for over three months and experiencing the depth of WISER’s work, it appears that the […]