WISER Under the Tree

Finally Here: Getting to know two of WISER’s newest faces

  There may be nothing more intimidating and miraculous than the opportunity to begin a life-changing experience. For Carol and Velma, two of the newest students at the WISER school in Muhuru Bay, Kenya, the start of the new school year is the start of a new way of life: one in which they will […]

WISER awarded grant for all-new computer lab

    The Arthur B. Schultz Foundation (ABSF) has awarded WISER an $11,000 grant to create a new computer and technology lab for students at the WISER school in Muhuru Bay. ABSF, which strives to support young women’s leadership and education in developing countries, will provide the funds for a lab containing 30 refurbished computers […]

Where I Am Now

Transition is inevitable when hard work, persistence and dedication drive you towards the achievement of a great lifetime goal. Everyone has valid dreams, no matter what their social and economic background may dictate. I always aspired to be great, to transform the face of my society after getting quality education. This dream has always made […]

6 Reasons WISER is Looking Forward to 2016

  As we head into a brand new year, it only seems appropriate that WISER would take a moment to do what almost everyone is doing: reflecting and looking forward. Luckily for WISER, there is plenty to look forward to in 2016. Between unprecedented changes to the WISER campus in Muhuru Bay and all new […]

WISER Awarded Community Development Grant

This week, WISER International was awarded a GlobalGiving UK Community Development Grant, which will provide first-year scholarships for 3 WISER Girls as they begin their time in secondary school. The grant is awarded each year to grassroots organizations in Eastern and Central Africa that have demonstrated the ability to have direct impact on the ground. In order to […]