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Mirror House: Indy Rajan’s Story

WISER has a global mentoring program that includes international visits by high school and university students from around the world. WISER has been hosting students from Duke University since it opened and several WISER girls have also traveled to Duke in the US to work on joint projects with their new friends. The current Duke […]

Hosting Savannah Johnson from Belmont College

WISER routinely hosts students from Duke University during the summer months (seen here with Savannah and our trusted drivers and friends), but this year we have the exciting addition of  Savannah Johnson, an alumni of Belmont College and Lumos Award Fellow. Graduating with dual degrees in education and psychology and certified as a teacher, Savannah […]

Duke Engage 2015

The following post is written by Kalifa Wright, a rising senior at Duke who is working with the WISERBridge schools this summer. Spending my summer working in Kenya with WISER and interacting with the Muhuru Bay community has truly been quite a unique experience. First and foremost, the young ladies at WISER are phenomenal; they […]

Duke Engage 2015

The following post is written by rising sophomore Tierney Pretzer who is working with WISERBridge schools. Tomorrow will mark three weeks from my departure. In one way it seems as if I have been gone for an eternity, I can’t even imagine that less than a month ago I was sitting on the couch watching […]

Duke Engage 2015

The following post was written by rising senior Michael Sutton who is working with the engineering club here at WISER. I am officially one week into my civic engagement program, but adjusting to the culture and environment is still very much a work in progress. When our vans full of DukeEngage students pulled up to […]

Duke Engage 2015

The Duke Engage Kenya-WISER group has had an incredible, and incredibly busy, time at Muhuru Bay. While they may be coming a bit late, feel free to read the following posts about how the experience has unfolded for the various Duke students this year. First post written by rising junior Briana Acosta who is teaching […]

Live. Learn. Be WISER.

As DukeEngage students, we have been so thankful for the opportunity to meet the WISER girls, build friendships with them and be inspired by their hard work and dedication (hopefully we helped make this summer fun for them too). A few of our team members worked with the girls to put together this music video. […]

Pii-Team Update (Leah Catotti)

It’s really sad to think that this is our last week here at WISER, but it’s nice to reflect on what’s been an incredible summer. The 11 DukeEngage students have taught in schools, done nutrition and water research, explored Muhuru Bay, and danced, laughed, and had fun with the Wiser girls. I’ve been working on […]

“WISER Water” (Jenna Peters)

WISER is an impressive school. But what is even more impressive is that WISER is more than just a secondary school. The project I am working on, a program evaluation of WISER’s clean water kiosks is a perfect example of WISER’s commitment to improving the wider community. Despite the fact that each kiosk is labeled […]

Engineering Club (Jenna Peters)

Earlier this summer, two Duke students, Kendall and Mikayla, started the Engineering Club at WISER. They taught the girls how to make flashlight circuits and then used locally available materials such as water bottles and paper to build functional flashlights. When the next step of the project fell through, there was some concern that the […]