Athletes Without Frontiers

AWF Races Across America for the WISER Girls

In 2016, Athletes Without Frontiers (AWF) partnered with WISER to launch the one of the most ambitious fundraising campaigns in WISER’s ten-year history: Raise life-changing funds for WISER girls while participating in the Race Across America – a 3,000 mile cycling event crossing 12 states in only one week.

Athletes Without Frontiers (AWF) is a global group of socially-conscious endurance athletes who support charity through perseverance in sports. As their inaugural partner, AWF made history with WISER in support of a new generation of women scholars in East Africa through education, health, and economic empowerment.

Tobias-GehrkeTobias Gehrke, Retired Partner, Citadel, Geneva, Switzerland

 “I am in awe of the amazing work WISER does by improving health, education and empowerment for underprivileged girls.  As a member of Athletes Without Frontiers, I am excited to provide meaningful support to one of the most dynamic and courageous humanitarian aid organizations around today.”

Marc Micek Senior Director, SAP, Chicago, USA

“I support the mission of WISER and am committed to establishing AWF as a lasting fundraising initiative which connects athletes to charitable organizations who share the common belief that endurance, perseverance, and an environment that supports achievement can profoundly impact an individual’s chance to succeed in life.”

Jan-Bech-AndersenJan Bech Anderson Founder & CEO, Voluntas, Weybridge, United Kingdom

“I am so impressed with WISER’s commitment to social empowerment of girls in Kenya. I look forward to helping AWF channel the drive of endurance athletes everywhere to join this important cause.”


Thomas-AndersenThomas Anderson Global Heal, Crude Trading, Litasco, Geneva, Switzerland

“It is an honor to represent Athletes Without Frontiers and spearhead a new source of funds for organizations such as WISER… funds that I know will be put to very good use in areas of the world that are in serious need for their help and support.”


Erik-EdholmErik Edholm Partner, Ram Rational Asset Management, Stockholm, Sweden

“WISER is an overwhelmingly successful organization that makes a real difference for girls where support is most needed. To support WISER through Athletes Without Frontiers is a privilege that I intend to pursue to the maximum of my capabilities.”


Thomas-GunnarssonThomas Gunnarsson Investment Management Executive, Entrepreneur, Falkenberg, Sweden

“As the Arabian proverb goes ‘He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.’ WISER makes a difference to their students by changing the trajectory of their lives and providing an opportunity to broaden their horizons.  It is an honor for me to be a part of their work in this way.”


Marie-HjorthMarie Hjorth CEO, BLG Group APS, Copenhagen, Denmark

“As a strong supporter of humanitarian and cultural efforts to empower the underprivileged, raising the awareness of AWF through RAAM and fundraising for organizations such as WISER is a personal objective of mine. I greatly support broadening the knowledge and goals of WISER and other future AWF charities globally.”


Eric-WetauferEric Wetlaufer Sr. Managing Director, CPPIB, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“The leadership exhibited by WISER to empower girls is an extraordinary example of the potential for humanitarian impact deserving of our unselfish support.  I am excited to support their work raising funds and spreading the word of their truly special work.”


Andrew Cunningham, AWF Coordinator, Aga Khan Foundation Global Education Officer, Geneva, Switzerland

“When I helped co-found WISER in 2007, I had no idea how far it would go because of the overwhelming support of thousands throughout the world. I’m proud to connect AWF to this organization. Let’s race and do something we can talk about for years to come!”



To learn more about AWF’s work with WISER and how you can contribute to the future of the WISER girls, please contact Zack Fowler – [email protected]