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Florence’s Story: Women and Work in Muhuru Bay

Since the tender age of 8, Florence of Muhuru Bay, Kenya, has had to rely on her mother as her father passed away. Life can be challenging for women living on their own in Muhuru Bay because many women do not work outside of the home or have the education or confidence to search out […]

Construction – WISER Boarding School

Currently, there is construction under way at the WISER boarding school to double WISER’s enrollment from 120 to 240 and provide — a science laboratory, a 60-person computer lab, more student and teacher housing, and an event hall to host community events.

Check Out WISER International in 2016

Take a moment to read our updated case statement for 2016! Inside you will learn about our impact, initiatives going on right now, and meet our new board members! Take a peak at WISER International in 2016!

Finally Here: Getting to know two of WISER’s newest faces

  There may be nothing more intimidating and miraculous than the opportunity to begin a life-changing experience. For Carol and Velma, two of the newest students at the WISER school in Muhuru Bay, Kenya, the start of the new school year is the start of a new way of life: one in which they will […]

WISER awarded grant for all-new computer lab

    The Arthur B. Schultz Foundation (ABSF) has awarded WISER an $11,000 grant to create a new computer and technology lab for students at the WISER school in Muhuru Bay. ABSF, which strives to support young women’s leadership and education in developing countries, will provide the funds for a lab containing 30 refurbished computers […]