Author Sherryl Broverman PhD

WISER Girls Attend Youth Health Conference in Uganda

As WISER’s sexual and reproductive health program continues to extend its outreach on and off-campus, some members of the WISER community have had the opportunity to collaborate with organizations across East Africa thanks to our partnership with the Segal Family Foundation. Two WISER Girls and one WISER faculty member recently attended the 3rd Annual Reach […]

WISER Engineering Club Repairs Calculators to Lower Cost

The following is a blog entry written by Duke University student Jenna Peters: If you have ever gone school supply shopping for an advanced math class, you probably know just how expensive new calculators can be. Having to buy that new calculator can put a lot more stress on students and parents during the already […]

Hosting Savannah Johnson from Belmont College

WISER routinely hosts students from Duke University during the summer months (seen here with Savannah and our trusted drivers and friends), but this year we have the exciting addition of  Savannah Johnson, an alumni of Belmont College and Lumos Award Fellow. Graduating with dual degrees in education and psychology and certified as a teacher, Savannah […]

WISER is part of the Global Giving Open Challenge

Keep Girls in School and Out of Marriage. The Global Giving Open Challenge is open and runs until March 28. WISER has to prove that we have wide ranging support. If we can get at least 40 people to donate and raise $5K we qualify for corporate support. (Big bucks!) Also, whichever organization gets the […]

Support WISER when you shop at Amazon!

No cost to you. You get your stuff, WISER girls get $$$ from Amazon. Win-win! Womens Institute For Secondary Education And Research-Wiser-Intl