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SolarAID-Kenya Partners with WISER to Hire its First Five Solar Entrepreneurs from Muhuru Bay

The WISER Muhuru Bay Advisory Board once again was honored to host Mr. Gavin Bowen and his team from SolarAID to interview and hire five local community members to be the first SolarAID entrepreneurs and franchisees in Kenya. SolarAID has been in Kenya for only two months, now and Muhuru Bay was its first partner […]

WISER Brings Solar Cookers International to Muhuru

The WISER Muhuru Bay Advisory Board recently hosted Solar Cookers International for a full day solar cooking demonstration for the community. In just two hours, the team had cooked an entire meal full of fish, ugali, eggs, potatoes, beans, peanuts, vegetables and even a cake for more than 250 people in attendance with simply the […]