Welcome to WISER Women’s Week!

Join us in a week of giving and encouragement for our senior students as they take their national exams!

In honor of International Women’s Day, the WISER team is coming together to launch WISER Women’s Week, March 4 – March 11. During this one-week campaign, we ask you not only to make an impact with your generous gifts, but to send your personal words of encouragement to the WISER girls at a pivotal time. These students have navigated two academic years in pandemic shutdowns and amidst the uncertainty, they’ve thrived. Now it’s time for one final hurdle – their final national exams that determine their college and career futures!

To learn more about this week and why it matters so much, I wanted to speak to you personally. Please see the message below! 

To get involved this week: 

  • March 4 – March 11: Support the WISER girls with a generous Spring donation and show the fourth-year class that we’re ready to invest in their futures. You can make your gifts now by visiting our donation page.
  • March 8 (International Women’s Day): In honor of International Women’s Day, donations made on March 8th will be MATCHED by generous WISER supporters who are hoping to see this week reach next-level impact. 
  • March 4 – March 10: Send a personal message of encouragement and support to the WISER girls who are sitting for their national exams by submitting this form. We’ll deliver the messages to the WISER students and create a map of the locations of all sources of encouragement – showing the girls just how widespread their network of support is. 

The campaign starts NOW which means it’s time to jump in! The swell of support that could come from this network means so much to the WISER students and, as you saw from the video, to me, personally. I hope you’ll decide to give big and encourage big this week. 

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