Celebrate the Class of 2020 with your support: June 14-June 30

Welcome to WISER’s Class of 2020 graduation campaign!

This week on social media, you’ll be hearing stories from WISER’s Class of 2020 as we celebrate their graduation. This unique and brilliant class has weathered the stress and upheaval of a pandemic and is graduating with a bright future. In honor of their courage, brilliance, and tenacity, we’re challenging our supporters to raise $20,000 in their honor.

Why $20,000?

When COVID-19 closed WISER (and schools throughout Kenya) for eight months last year, the Kenyan Ministry of Education was forced to consider how they would return all students to a normal school calendar running January-December. How would students, who typically participate in three school terms each year, need to adjust in order to regain the missed time? 

Just last month, the Ministry announced their approach: instead of schools covering three terms of material in the 2021 school year, they would need to cover four. They would also need to welcome a new class early, increasing student population by 25%. Thus, by 2023, the normal calendar will return. But there are massive challenges to consider with this announcement – the change means new students starting their first year earlier, fewer holiday breaks, less time to cover content, and more students on campus for more days over the course of the year. 

In short: WISER needs to serve more students and deliver more academic instruction beginning in July – all while continuing stringent COVID-19 prevention strategies like masking and social distancing. It’s an unexpected challenge – but one we must rise to meet. 

WISER was made to adapt to unique and sudden challenges. We’ve done it before–the Class of 2020’s success is proof of what a flexible, vibrant, and generous community we are. But we need you to join us in giving today to help us meet these new, ever-changing needs of our students.

Through the end of the month, as you read the stories of how WISER changed the lives of the Class of 2020, remember that there is a different version of these stories. In that version, the pandemic upheavals ended their education. There are no remarkable test scores, no university admissions. In fact, in that story, there is no graduation at all.

That story did not happen. These girls are living a different story because of WISER. And we need your gift right now to make a different story possible for the next graduating class.

Make a gift today, and make a different story possible for every student to come.

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