Michelle Obama shines a light on WISER and Women in Stem

Tomorrow is International Day of Women and Girls in Science. We are so honored that Michelle Obama and the Girls Opportunity Alliance are featuring the incredible commitment and achievements of WISER alum Nimon Odeka, ‘16. Learn more about her inspiring story:

STEM has been integral to WISER’s curriculum and model since day one. Our founders, women scientists themselves, understood the power of breaking down historical barriers to be in the room where discovery, invention, and – ultimately – change happen. Nimon’s journey from struggling student to the cusp of becoming a science educator to help girls just like her exemplifies that same drive.

How do we do it? 

Our state of the art computer and wet lab spaces, robotics initiatives, and community-based problem solving through STEM not only prepare students for college and careers, but cultivate them into bold thinkers and confident leaders. 25% of WISER students have won STEM competitions, and for four years running, Physics has been among WIER girls’ top-scoring subjects on their national exams. 53% of WISER students go on to study and work in STEM fields, preparing them for bright futures and endless possibilities. 

But WISER also knows from its research-based approach to girls advancement that STEM doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Students need their basic needs met to reach their full potential. Nutritious meals. Medical care. Scholarships. Hygiene supplies. Sexual and reproductive health education. Caring adult mentors and role models. The support of their peers. And the backing of a global community cheering them on. 

Be a part of that community today by sharing Nimon’s story and making a donation. WISER girls can’t wait to show you how far your support can take them. 

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