The Girl Fund Campaign is coming: we need your help to succeed!

When a girl is educated, her lifetime risk of HIV decreases. Her lifetime wages increase. Her children are healthier and more likely to be educated, too.

When a girl is educated, she reinvests what she learns into her community. She has the freedom to choose when to marry, when and if to have children, and how many children to have.

When a girl is educated, she has the potential to change the world.

On the week of March 6th, you have the chance to ensure that WISER can keep educating girls for many years to come. You have the chance to change the world.

From March 6th to March 13th, WISER is competing in the Girl Fund Campaign through GlobalGiving, and we need your support more than ever this year.

The Girl Fund Campaign is an annual fundraising competition hosted by During the campaign, WISER will be competing with nearly 200 other organizations for a chance at the top prize: entry into the Girl Fund, a special fund that would distribute over $15,000 in additional support to the WISER Girls this year. But in 2020, thanks to changes in the rules of the campaign, the competition will be steeper than ever. WISER has already had to fight for the opportunity to participate in the Girl Fund Campaign at all; now, we need all the support we can get to win.

The more individuals that show up for WISER, the better our chances are at taking home the top prize. And if we end up in the top 15 organizations with the most individual donors? That means thousands of additional dollars in support for girls in Muhuru Bay.

This campaign could not have come at a better time. 2020 marks the first academic year in which WISER’s student body is at maximum capacity. The 60 new first-year students are the final class of our historic expansion project. We now have, for the first time, have 240 girls on our campus. Each of them holds the potential to change their world.

Show each of these girls what it means to be a WISER student: to have a global network of thousands of supporters cheering them on.

March 6th through March 13th: post, share, reach out to friends and family, and most importantly, give what you can to show your support to the WISER girls!

Individuals can donate to the Girl Fund by using this link:

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