“Your monthly gift has the potential to change the world:” A WISER Supporter Story

“Women hold up half the sky. In supporting WISER, I am lending my small effort to uphold the arm, or shoulder, or heart of a hopeful young woman who lives far away as she is learning to hold up her part of the sky.”

Becky Grantland first heard about WISER when her daughter, Liddy, lived on WISER’s campus for a summer as part of DukeEngage. A former English professor, and current school administrator, Becky resonated with WISER’s mission of education and empowerment: “education is freedom: educated women are able to transform their own lives and the lives of their children.”

Liddy now works for WISER in communications and development, but that’s not why Becky gives to WISER monthly. “Every month, I give an allowance to my two college-aged daughters. By giving a gift every month to also to WISER, I know I am sharing with someone’s beloved daughter on another continent. And honestly, I feel that anyone’s daughter is my daughter, too.”

Becky just gave her 31st recurring donation to WISER. For this lifelong educator, and mother of daughters, the choice to keep giving to WISER is simple. “How many of us now subscribe to periodic delivery of food or clothing right to our doorsteps? While we are automating these tasks for our convenience, I challenge you to automate a gift to WISER each month: $25, $50. Your monthly gift has the potential to change the world.”

We couldn’t agree more. If you’d like to commit to a monthly donation in 2020, go to https://wisergirls.networkforgood.com/ and select “monthly” as your donation frequency.

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