WISER’s Top Five Things to Look Forward to in 2020

Two girls laugh in a classroom with the text "looking ahead to 2020" in a banner above the picture

Ten years ago in 2010, WISER opened its campus in Muhuru Bay, welcoming its first class of 30 students. Now, teachers are busy preparing for 180 WISER girls to return and anticipating the arrival of a new class of 60 first year students, who are about to step onto WISER’s campus for the first time as WISER girls.

WISER’s growth from an aspirational idea to a life-changing reality began long before the school opened its doors to 30 new students a decade ago. And that growth will continue as WISER embarks on an exciting year—and decade—to come. Here are some of the most highly-anticipated events to look forward to in 2020!

Girls with goggles on assemble a solar energy unit on a table surrounded by tools and supplies. A banner across the top of the photo says "1: new robotics program arrives"

Thanks to support from dedicated volunteers from Johnson & Johnson and DePuy Synthes, the WISER girls are going to try their hand at engineering in a new way this year! A group of volunteers from DePuy Synthes will introduce new robotics kits to the WISER girls, who will be able to implement their newly-honed design thinking and robotics skills for future science fair and engineering competitions. While this isn’t the first time the WISER girls have been exposed to robotics, the new equipment and curriculum presents a more comprehensive experience than WISER has offered in the past. World-class STEM education is part of what sets WISER apart, and we’re excited to see where this robotics program takes us this year!

A large group of students and adults gather on school steps holding solar panels and smiling at the camera. A banner on the top of the screen reads "2: We share solar returns"

For the third year in a row, WISER will host a team from We Share Solar, a longtime partner who emphasizes both environmental sustainability and energy education. They’ll implement a new solar energy project that will transition even more of WISER’s energy usage toward sustainable sources, making the next decade more environmentally-friendly than ever!

One student cheers in front of the school cafeteria. The banner across the top reads: "3: Celebrating 10 years at WISER"

We couldn’t let this 10-year anniversary of WISER’s opening go uncelebrated! This year, on campus and around the world, we’ll be commemorating ten years of tremendous growth and unprecedented outcomes by sharing stories and hosting special events around the world.

Six girls sit around a table outside and work on English homework while smiling at the camera. The banner across the top says "4: student population increases"

The 60 new first-year students mark the completion of WISER’s historic expansion of our student body from 120 to 240 students. WISER now reaches double the girls it did when it began. Stay tuned for updates in the coming months—another expansion is on the way!

Two students smile while hugging Sherryl Broverman. A banner on the top reads "5: WISER team grows"

Speaking of expansion, the WISER staff in Kenya and in the United States will grow this year alongside WISER’s student body. New leadership will help ensure that the growth and change WISER experiences in the next decade is as impactful and sustainable as possible. We can’t wait to welcome new members to the WISER team!

This innovation and expansion is only possible because of WISER’s network of supporters around the world. Thank you for being a partner with us this year!

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