Exam scores are in: the Class of 2019 shines!

After years of tireless preparation, WISER’s Class of 2019 sat for their KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) exams at the end of last year. They were nervous, of course; this exam not only determines students’ acceptance to higher education programs, but also determines their access to scholarships. But the WISER Girls were prepared. They knew that they had everything necessary to succeed.

And now the results are in: the Class of 2019 excelled, continuing WISER’s tradition of excellence in academics for yet another year!

You read it right–all members of the Class of 2019 passed their exams with flying colors. Each of their scores qualified them for higher education programs, which means that all students graduating WISER this year have the opportunity to enter a certificate program, a professional course, or a four-year university degree.

Not only that, but over half of the class earned scores that automatically qualified them for financial support in their next academic steps. These scholarships go to the best of the best students in Kenya; only 18% of the students who take the KCSE across the nation will qualify. But over half of WISER’s graduating class is on their way to university, tuition-free.

And while global and cultural stereotypes still exist surrounding women’s aptitude for STEM, WISER girls continue to exceed expectations and thrive in science and math. For a phenomenal fourth year, physics was one of the students’ top subjects, and WISER girls are mightier than ever in STEM.

The best news of all about this class is that they are not an anomaly. Their success is part of a tradition of academic excellence at WISER. WISER proves that when students have access to engaged teachers, resourced classrooms, and a supportive psychosocial environment, they have everything they need not only to succeed, but to thrive.

We could not be prouder of these students!

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