WISER Alum Makes Waves at the Titan Generator during SXSW

This month, the Titan Generator event brought young entrepreneurs and activists to the Google headquarters in Austin for a day of networking, collaborative problem-solving, and connections to valuable resources. Among the invited attendees was none other than WISER alumna, Floviance, who graduated from our first-ever class in 2013!

The event, held during the 2019 South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, included voices from prominent organizations working for social change like March for Our Lives, Color of Change, and United We Dream. And thanks to support from RFK Human Rights, Floviance was able to add her voice to the room as well. “I know that this was not an event open to everyone,” Floviance says. “I was there and that was a privilege, an opportunity, and an honor to be among the invitees.”

The event focused on lifting up entrepreneurs and activists of color with passionate interest in supporting like-minded individuals in their own up-and-coming initiatives. That environment certainly had an effect on Floviance and her plans for the future.

“It was inspiring to see so many powerful women among (the invitees), and it was encouraging to hear enthusiasm about the causes and work I’m supporting,” said Floviance. “I actually came into thinking about what I want to start doing on my own – I saw young entrepreneurs, people who had created something themselves at a young age and I thought ‘I need to do something like that.’”

While Floviance plans to begin her own initiative in the future, she has already chosen a career path that allows her to explore the world of social enterprise in Kenya. Floviance recently graduated from university with a degree in agricultural economics and resource management—a remarkable achievement, coming from a community where few girls complete high school. She now works at the Nairobi-based social enterprise Kipato Unbranded, a social enterprise committed to creating ethically-sourced jewelry by promoting local artisans in Nairobi’s most impoverished regions. Floviance’s unique perspective, her passion for sharing WISER’s role in her life, and her commitment to social enterprise made her the perfect addition to the Titan Generator conference.

“I believe I made connections that were valuable, and I believe there are people I met who want to support young women like me,” Floviance says. “When I go back to Nairobi, the lessons from the group workshops will stay with me and I hope to apply them to my life.”

We are so inspired by the way that Floviance has been able to bring WISER’s mission and vision to such an important global audience. There’s no limit to what the future might hold for this powerful WISER alumna!


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