New Partnership with Morris Family Foundation to Support WISER Alumni

While at WISER, students have access to world-class educational opportunities, leadership development, and skills training. Even after WISER girls leave our campus, we are committed to offering these critical experiences to WISER alumni.

That is why we are honored to announce our exciting new partnership with the Morris Family Foundation! Support from the Morris Family Foundation will help us launch an expansion in our alumni support programs targeting four of the fields that WISER alumni most often enter upon graduation: STEM, health, education, and business & entrepreneurship.

The Morris Family Foundation is an organization committed to supporting nonprofits who are developing innovate, effective, tech-savvy educational practices. They believe that combining good ideas, good people, and good leadership activates positive change and the WISER team is proud to be a part of their powerful work.

WISER alumni are entering a challenging workforce in Kenya, where one in four young professionals faces unemployment. This new partnership with the Morris Family Foundation will prepare WISER alumni to thrive in challenging work environments by offering training and resources in four key fields, determined by direct feedback from the WISER alumni:

  • STEM: We will continue our successful partnership with Lumen Labs to offer recent WISER graduates the opportunity to participate in an intensive, month-long computer skills training that will focus on digital literacy and mobile technology.
  • Health: We will work with Huru International to train alumni as leaders in vital community health programming. This training will also uniquely prepare alumni for on-the-ground healthcare work, starting with practical applications in Muhuru Bay.
  • Education: Following the success of our first-ever Alumni Day in 2018, we will add a new day-long event targeting WISER alumni preparing for careers in education. This will be an exciting opportunity for future educators to come together and share best practices, seek guidance from WISER faculty, and practice innovative classroom strategies.
  • Business & Entrepreneurship: We will partner with Eneza Education to offer WISER alumni extensive business skills training covering everything from team building to personal debt management. All Eneza trainings will be right at the alumni’s fingertips: accessible on their phones via SMS text message!

We are absolutely thrilled to work with the Morris Family Foundation to offer innovative, accessible, and essential support to our 175 motivated and eager WISER alumni in 2019.

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