Medical Impact Gives WISER SRH Outreach a New Look

In Muhuru Bay, girls face numerous challenges related to their personal health that can prevent them from getting an education. Girls may leave school at an early age because they cannot afford feminine hygiene products, because of early pregnancy, or because their families are affected by HIV/AIDS.

To address these issues, WISER not only provides comprehensive family planning and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) education to its students, allowing them to reach their fullest potential, it also empowers WISER girls to go the extra mile by giving that knowledge back to their communities.

Students at WISER have been leading family planning and sexual and reproductive health information sessions throughout Muhuru Bay for several years, and, to date, have reached thousands of area youth. Now, thanks to support from Medical Impact, these training sessions have a new look for 2019!

Medical Impact, an organization committed to fostering comprehensive healthcare interventions in marginalized communities, has provided visual aids to help explain a range of relevant topics, from condom negotiation and STI prevention to menstruation and pregnancy. These visual aids will not only facilitate education and dialogue while WISER girls are in their communities–the posters will be donated to local schools to be used in the future.

Medical Impact’s generous support will help WISER girls empower youth in their community with critical knowledge and resources to help them tackle sexual and reproductive health challenges. In the process, WISER girls will continue to practice their mentoring, public speaking, and leadership skills.

WISER girls know that every girl should be given the chance to shine. We are so grateful to Medical Impact for facilitating WISER girls’ health outreach programs, and so proud of the WISER girls for all the ways that they lead in their communities!

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