2018 Exam Results: WISER Girls Excel Again!

The Class of 2018 has spent the past four years preparing tirelessly for a set of exams that play a significant role in determining their futures. We are thrilled to announce that all of those late nights and early mornings paid off. WISER’s 2018 Class is one of the most impressive yet!

WISER girls continue to beat the odds for girls in their region, where many girls do not finish secondary school. Not only will 100% of the Class of 2018 graduate, but 100% of this class is college-bound.

And it gets better: over two-thirds of this class achieved grades high enough to qualify for full university scholarships. That’s over four times the national average in Kenya.

Continuing their tradition of shattering expectations for women in STEM, Physics ranked as one of the girls’ top-scoring subjects for the third year in a row. Many of the girls in the Class of 2018 are looking toward college programs in science and math, and based on their incredible academic performance at WISER, we are more than confident that they will succeed.

WISER’s excellence stands out not only in Muhuru Bay, but throughout the region,  where WISER was ranked as the #1 All-Girls Secondary School for 2018!

This success is possible thanks to the incredible efforts of teachers, mentors, and, of course, the graduates who have worked so hard to reach this moment.

We could not be prouder to celebrate these remarkable achievements, and we are so grateful to everyone who makes these success stories a reality. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support!

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