WISER Girls Fight for their Rights on Day of the Girl 2018

As the world celebrated International Day of the Girl on October 11th, the WISER girls and their teachers were hard at work.

In partnership with our friends at Kakenya’s Dream, the WISER team took to the streets to defend girls’ rights and advocate for equal employment opportunities. The event, hosted in Narok County, drew over 600 attendees this year as girls, their teachers, and their families led an advocacy parade through the community to celebrate the strength of young women.

The participating WISER girls, led by their new student body president, Deborah, were quick to take positions near the front of the parade and were repeatedly recognized as strong leaders throughout the day. Despite growing up in an area where girls are largely discouraged from speaking out, the WISER girls continue to show that their voices will be heard.

“It felt so good to see WISER girls out in front, leading,” said WISER teacher Nipher, who joined the girls in Narok County. “We had people coming up to us, asking to learn more about our cause and the girls felt so confident because of that.”

In alignment with the theme of this year’s International Day of the Girl, “With Her: A Skilled GirlForce,” many of the events throughout the day centered on innovation and the pressing need to equip girls for success in an ever-shifting job market.

Empowering girls through innovation and skills-development opportunities is a fundamental piece of WISER’s work all year round. WISER girls regularly engineer solutions to community problems through our on-campus science & engineering club, entrepreneurship programs, and our two university-quality science labs. We are currently providing WISER alumni with similar opportunities, including a month-long intensive course to improve digital literacy and regular mentorship opportunities with WISER staff.

Despite the fact that International Day of the Girl has ended, the spirit of the day has been carried back to Muhuru Bay by the attending WISER team, and the excitement around the event is already sparking new ideas.

“The girls are ready to lead again, as soon as possible,” said Nipher. “I think they may already be planning an event for October 2019!”

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