Solar Power Comes to WISER and Muhuru Bay

“Now, power outages don’t distract us from studying. Every time we are in class, we know that we will not be bothered by the power. We can always be focused.” – Veronica, WISER 3rd year student.

Solar power has arrived on the WISER campus thanks to a new partnership between WISER and We Care Solar. Thanks to We Care Solar panels donated through their We Share Solar program, some of the most crucial student spaces on WISER’s campus will now have working lights 24/7.

“I want light for my students,” said WISER teacher, Quintah. “When my students have light, it makes studying possible, it means their assignments can be done at the proper time, and it means, really, that they are able to learn more. That’s why the solar panels are so important for the school.”

In Muhuru Bay, only a minimal percentage of homes and schools have access to reliable electricity. The region’s remote location and elevated poverty levels makes power a challenge for hundreds of families. This means that the typical student will have trouble finding light after a day full of classes, hindering their ability to study, read, or finish homework.

WISER has addressed this issue in the past by providing the resources necessary to wire the whole WISER campus while maintaining a backup generator. However, the newly-installed solar panels represent the most reliable (and cleanest) source of energy the campus has ever seen. These solar energy systems will provide consistent power and light to eight WISER classrooms, a science lab, and our staff room where evening tutoring sessions take place.

“WISER is so blessed to have these things,” said second-year student Evelyn. “We are now able to learn throughout the day and throughout the night without any shortage of power at all. I’m excited that it will help my learning.”

While the impact of the donated solar energy systems is undeniable, the installation team made quite an impression of their own. Upon hearing about WISER’s mission to empower young women, We Care Solar sent an all-female team of engineers to complete the installation.

This team, known as WISEE: Women in Sustainable Energy and Entrepreneurship, took time out of their installation schedule to lead sessions for the WISER girls about living and growing as Kenyan women in STEM. Their experience and expertise were instant sources of inspiration for the WISER girls.

“They were such great people,” said third-year student Veronica. “They are women to be copied, to be admired. Their example can show young girls that, when you work hard, then one day in the future, you can lead like they do. You can even have your own projects like this one.”

“They told us about the strength of women when it comes to certain courses that have been ‘set aside for men,'” said teacher Quintah. “They encouraged all of the students to know that, as women, there is no job that is set aside only for men. There are opportunities in this type of work for the girls at WISER.”

Even after this momentous installation was completed, the WISER-We Care Solar partnership wasn’t quite finished. To share the impact of solar power with Muhuru Bay, WISER helped coordinate eight other We Care Solar installations in the community. Solar energy systems were installed in all seven secondary schools in the area and in Muhuru Bay’s vocational training center. Like at WISER, these systems will help keep the lights on for hundreds of students as they work hard to complete their studies. The long-term goal? To make the studentsĀ andĀ the classrooms of Muhuru Bay brighter.

The entire WISER team would like to extend sincere thanks to We Care Solar and the WISEE installation team for the impact they have had on our students and the Muhuru Bay community. Thank you for your dedication to providing crucial education opportunities to hundreds of students.

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