WISER Holds Celebration for Members of the Class of 2017

With friends and family watching, girls in WISER’s fifth graduating class were honored this month as their long journey to attain their diplomas came to a close.

Members of WISER’s class of 2017 were honored in a ceremony featuring everyone from current students to WISER’s co-founder and president, Dr. Sherryl Broverman. The celebratory atmosphere was fitting for a class of girls that represents WISER’s fifth straight year with a perfect 100% graduation rate. The group has much to be proud of and so do their families, who attended in support.

“My family is so proud of me,” said new WISER graduate Lillian. “They’re looking forward to my success. And I know WISER has helped me a lot with that. I don’t think I would be prospering if I had not been given the chance to be a WISER girl.”

Girls in the class of 2017 qualified for college acceptance at nearly double the national rate in Kenya and were also twice as likely as their peers to earn nationally-competitive scholarships. This success, combined with a willingness to mentor other girls, has turned several of WISER’s newest graduates into quick role models. However, early signs suggest that this group of newly-minted alumni is more than up for the challenge.

“If you are a good person in your community and you do good things, you can be a role model to someone and that person will work hard to be like you,” says graduating WISER girl, Shanny. “And it’s good to be a role model because that could help someone change their life or bring more good things to your community!” 

Shanny, like many of her peers, has ambitious goals for the next stage of her academic life. She hopes to pursue a degree in computer science before working with a software development company within Kenya and, eventually, continuing on to a master’s degree.

But, this ambitious goal is just a sign of girls’ dreams coming true, according to new graduate Dorry.

“WISER really doing a lot in this community and so, girls are realizing their dreams. And that’s great! It’s just a time when everyone is happy.”

The WISER team sends a heartfelt congratulations to all of the girls in the class of 2017! We couldn’t be more excited to welcome this group of young leaders into the ever-growing network of WISER alumni.

For more graduation content, join us for WISER Graduation Week as we continue to share new stories, photos, and more in celebration of 5 years of WISER graduates!

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