WISER Invites Graduating Seniors to Donate Their Graduation

The WISER team is proud to announce the launch of the Donate Your Graduation campaign. Over the next three months, graduating high school and college seniors all around the world are invited to celebrate their big day by giving that same opportunity to girls in rural Kenya.

Starting today, graduating seniors can click here to sign up. Once a student has decided to join, they will be given access to a personalized fundraising page where they can ask friends and family to celebrate their graduation by making a gift in their honor that will help girls in rural Kenya graduate as well.

Katie Danis, a graduating high school senior at the NC School for Science and Mathematics, sat down with us to explain the decision to donate her graduation for WISER.

Graduation celebrates the transformative power of scholarship, and the educational opportunities I have received empower and motivate me to pay that good fortune forward. WISER is an invaluable resource not only for its brilliant young scholars but also for the world they are transforming. WISER helps a girl recognize her potential, her worth, her spark, so she can raise her torch and lead the way to a brighter future. Supporting WISER is in all of our best interests!”

Participating students will be given the option to set their own fundraising goal of $500, $750, or $1,000+ to reach by July 1st. During the campaign, students will receive individualized guidance from the WISER team as well as special access to information and updates from our campus in Muhuru Bay.

The Donate Your Graduation campaign was inspired by the 5th graduating class for the WISER Girls Secondary School, which celebrates its own success this year. In a community where over 75% of girls drop out before finishing school, graduation can seem like an impossible dream. But, since opening its gates in 2010, WISER has created an environment where 100% of students get to live that dream and 90% go on to college or university.

Now, high school and college seniors from around the world are supporting that dream as well during the Donate Your Graduation campaign.

If you are a graduating senior, or if you know a senior who would like to be involved,
please click here to sign up for the campaign.

If you have any questions about how you can Donate Your Graduation,
please contact Zack Fowler at [email protected]

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