WISER named in “Top 10 Nonprofits Committed to Impact”

WISER International has been named in GlobalGiving’s inaugural Top 10 Nonprofits Committed to Impact in 2017!

WISER can be found as a special mention on the list, where the organization is recognized for its “commitment to Donor Engagement” and for “building an engaged network based on empathy.”

This inaugural list highlights a group of GlobalGiving’s nonprofit partners that have demonstrated an inspiring commitment to impact through learning. Organizations on this list have “completed exemplary work in GG Rewards, GlobalGiving’s way of tracking how nonprofits listen, learn, and improve their work.” GlobalGiving has found that nonprofits that listen to their stakeholders, act on what they hear, and learn from the results of their actions are more effective and have a greater impact in their communities.

WISER’s inclusion on this list is particularly special due to its status as an honorable mention. Honorably mentioned organizations on this list were chosen not for the quantity of demonstrated listening and learning moments, but the quality of the organization’s dedication to these values.

Thank you to all of our WISER supporters, as always! You drive us to work hard and to grow our impact each and every year.


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