“Simply astonishing”: A WISER supporter story

Chris Fletcher has known WISER for a long time. In fact, he was on-campus in Muhuru Bay when the walls of WISER’s classrooms were still being constructed. Now, after serving in the Army National Guard and working as a real estate development manager, Chris continues his support of WISER while pursuing a graduate degree in business in Philadelphia.

We sat down with Chris to hear his take on WISER and why he chooses to support the WISER girls.

W: What first brought you to WISER?

CF: When I was in high school, I was the director of a camp for neglected children and it was something I became very passionate about. In college, I was digging through different opportunities and WISER hit me. It was a chance not just to go to Kenya and travel across the world, but a chance to work in an area where I had some experience, and so hopefully could bring value in building positive outcomes for under-served people.

W: And years later, what do you think of the work WISER is doing?

CF: I’ll be honest, I can be cynical when it comes to a lot of nonprofit work, but that’s not the case with WISER.  The results that WISER is producing are simply astonishing. Your stats on graduation rates and college admission and attendance, to name only a few, make it clear WISER is having a tremendous impact not only on these women, but also on the broader community.

W: So would you say WISER’s outcomes are what push you to give to WISER?

CF: I think, when people give money, that it’s inherently because they feel an emotional connection to a cause. Too often, though, the organizations that produce the largest societal returns on their investments, aren’t the one that are the most emotionally inspiring. With WISER you have a rare instance of an organization that’s both easy to connect with and incredibly effective.

W: What are you passionate about? What do you wish you could see in the world?

CF: I want to live in a world where everyone has access to opportunity.  More particularly, one where children can focus on developing their character, rather than on where their next meal will come from.

W: How do these wishes connect to the WISER girls?

CF: When I think of the WISER girls, I think of what is possible for someone when given the right tools. If they (the girls) are ignored, they’re the ultimate example of shamefully wasted opportunities. These are girls that have been harmed by society through no fault of their own. They’re facing unbelievable odds to succeed and, more than just helping one person, helping these girls is an opportunity to have a much broader positive impact on our society.

I believe the smart and hard-working women of WISER will look around their community and, equipped with the tools of a WISER education,  drive positive change that will benefit everyone. That’s why the work is important.


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