Back to School! WISER Term 3 Begins

The WISER girls are ready to tackle term 3 – one math problem at a time.

This week, the WISER girls returned to campus after a well-deserved break to begin work on the final term of the 2017 school year. The energy is high as students are reunited with roommates, favorite teachers, and the day-to-day bustle of the WISER campus.

While the back-to-school excitement has spread to everyone at WISER, most eyes will be on the 33 fourth-year girls who are beginning their last-ever high school term. For these students, term 3 is a time of revision and practice. Most of their class time will be spent preparing for the Kenyan national exams (KCSE) that influence their university applications and fields of study.

For Deputy Principal Violet Singoei, this preparation is the key to term 3 success: “My hopes for the class of 2017 are that they will be able to concentrate on revision work and feel welcome to seriously consult each subject’s teachers about question-answering techniques,” she says. And while the process may be an intense one, Deputy Principal Violet does believe that the girls, and their teachers, are more than ready. “They should be able to focus their efforts in their personal areas of difficulty, and I believe they will do that well. Already, the subject teachers have personalized plans for each student so that they will feel prepared.”

One fourth-year student, Valary, is looking forward to the challenge of finishing the school year strong and is already dreaming about her next steps. She sees WISER as a path to becoming more impactful in her own community and, after attending a university, she hopes to contribute to strengthening not only her family’s future, but the future of all of Muhuru Bay.

Valary (Year 4) is preparing to enter her final term at WISER

“I have hope that in the near future, after my university studies, I will get a job opportunity to help my own community. There are many people within Muhuru who have not learned the required skills or been given the opportunities to be qualified for certain positions. But once I finish my education, I will be qualified and my community will need staff and they will need teachers. I can help that need.”

When asked about specific career goals, Valary will tell you that she’s looking outward for a university program, but has a wish to stay quite close in the years after: “I think WISER will need new staff! How wonderful to think that I could join WISER again, not as a student, but as an employee. I can help WISER continue to keep their employment local.”

If WISER’s history has taught us anything, it’s that Valary’s dreams are absolutely within reach. Since WISER opened, 100% of students have graduated and 90% have gone on to higher education degrees. Valary will follow in these students footsteps as she also blazes her own trail toward her future success. For Valary, and for all of WISER’s fourth-year girls, the first steps of that journey beyond WISER are almost in sight.


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