Time to Celebrate! WISER honors fourth graduating class

With hundreds of people watching, WISER’s 2016 class of graduates completed their long and inspiring journeys to earn their secondary degree.

The excitement on the WISER campus skyrocketed this weekend as family members, teachers, community supporters and guests from across Kenya gathered on WISER’s campus to celebrate the success of the graduating WISER girls. This class of students ranked among the absolute best in western Kenya and performed so strongly on their national exams that WISER was the #1 school for girls out of 360 schools in Migori County.

“It’s absolutely amazing,” said graduating WISER girl, Phoebe, “To other girls that want their education, don’t give up. Just don’t give up. Continue working hard, don’t lose hope – the sky is the limit.”

WISER Graduation Photo

WISER was honored to welcome Johnson & Johnson Global Community Impact Program Manager, Achieng Masiga, as the chief guest of the ceremony. Achieng took the opportunity to share her experiences and offer advice to WISER girls past and present.

“You’ve done it, girls. You’ve done an amazing job,” said Masiga, “Please please use the resources you’ve earned here to add to the value of your own lives and to the lives of those in your community. In this way, you can increase economic empowerment in your region, and while education is still out of reach for many girls around the world, we can be committed to changing that.”

The WISER girls class of 2016 will now turn its attention to their next stage in life. This Fall, WISER alumni will begin degrees in Acturial Science, Industrial Chemistry, Education, Information Technology, Environmental Health, Journalism, and more.

56% of the class of 2016 has qualified for government-funded university scholarships – a rate that is over 3 times the national average in Kenya.

We couldn’t be more proud of the hard work, diligence, and commitment that has been shown by these incredible graduates. WISER is thrilled to welcome these students into the growing network of WISER alumni – congratulations, girls!

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