Interview with an Alumna: Meet Tracey Kate

Tracey Kate, WISER class of 2016

Tracey Kate, WISER class of 2016

Tracey Kate joined WISER in 2013 and recently graduated as a member of WISER’s class of 2016. With high scores in several of the sciences, Tracey Kate will be joining Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology this September. Over the next four years, she will earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science.

We sat down with Tracey Kate to learn more about her story and aspirations.

W: Tracey Kate, you’re going to be studying environmental science in university – what made you choose that field?

TK: The environment is being threatened by everyone, and there is a need, a call, to help the environment, protect people from the diseases that grow when we threaten the environment, and improve health for all living things.

W: You’ve accomplished so much, what message do you have for other girls trying to attend university?

TK: Work hard. I know it’s going to be hard to do these things, but if you go on, if you keep going, I promise you that you can make it. You will.

W: What did you gain by being a WISER girl?

TK: WISER did a lot. WISER gave me the courage to speak in front of other people. My first year I was chosen to be a class minister and I kept that role for four years.

W: What was it like to act as class minister?

TK: I was asked to lead people, which, you know, is tough. But every day, the WISER teachers were so encouraging. They said I had a long and important life ahead, that I had value, and I did what I needed to do.

W: Who do you look up to the most?

TK: I think there are a few – my mom, Principal Dorcas… they carry themselves in a way that makes me think that I can also make it. These people have done things to help other people. Just one person can manage to help others.

W: Was your mom excited that you joined WISER?

TK: My mom, my dad, my sister, my brother. They told me: “you’re the only hope we have.”

W: So there was some pressure on you to succeed?

TK: Yeah, but I can just make it. I’m tough.

W: True! What do you want to do after university?

TK: After my course, I’d like to start working on making the environment better wherever I am. I have been helped, and I know that, which means in the future, if I’m able, I will help others too. I can do that.

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