Historic Results at Migori Science & Engineering Fair

After impressing at the Nyatike Sub-County Science and Engineering Fair, the WISER Girls have exceeded all expectations yet again with an absolutely historic showing at the county level.

The results of the Migori County Science and Engineering Fair are:

  • 8 WISER projects were chosen to proceed to the Kenya Regional competition
  • WISER ranked as the #1 Girls School in Migori and #3 overall out of 360 eligible schools
  • The Overloaded Arrester project was nominated for “Most Innovative Project” in the county
  • WISER Girls had the #1 rated project in both the Mathematics and Applied Technology Categories¬†


In only one month, the WISER Girls will present the following 8 incredible projects for competition in the Nyanza Region:


  • The Artisan Regular Constructor: Constructing any required regular polygon when the diameter of the circumscribing circle is provided
  • The Side-Tangent Method: Providing an easier alternative formula for finding the area of a regular polygon
  • The Mindset Formula: Providing an alternative formula for finding the surface area and volume of a conical frustum


  • “Odowa” The Silent Killer: Determining the percent by volume of Iron (iii) ions in local softstones used by expectant mothers as mineral supplements
  • The Thermochemical Nut: Determining the heating value of fatty acids and biofuel viability of a ground nut


  • The Sound Energy Economy Device: Building a device that converts wasteful sound energy into usable electrical energy for lighting


  • Automated Solar Energy Coolant: Developing a solar-powered cooling system for a home

Applied Technology

  • The Overloading Arrester: Creating an electrical gadget installed in the ignition system of motor vehicles to detect and disable the engine of overweight vehicles.


These results are a testament both to the hard work of the WISER students and to the incredible ability of young women in STEM. The WISER Girls are working hard to break barriers and show themselves as role models for future generations of female scientists. Congratulations to all of the WISER Girls that participated in county-level competition!


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