WISER Girls Impress at Nyatike Science and Engineering Fair

Winnie and Linner are both moving on with their multi-powered lighting system

Kenya’s Nyatike Sub-County is home to more than 50 secondary schools and hundreds of students interested in STEM fields. So naturally, the yearly Nyatike Science and Engineering Fair draws a crowd of young scientists. These students are ultimately looking to proceed to the County level of competition where their projects will be matched against nearly 400 eligible schools.

Intimidating? Yes. But for the WISER Girls? Exhilarating.

The 2017 Nyatike Science and Engineering Fair saw over 80 projects competing across 9 categories for Sub-County bragging rights. In the end, the WISER Girls came out on top.

  • A whopping eleven WISER projects will be moving on to the next level of competition.
  • WISER Girls had the Number One Project in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Engineering. 
  • They were also Top Three in Mathematics, Energy Sciences, and Applied Technology.
  • Out of 12 competing secondary schools, the WISER Girls ranked as the #1 Overall School

Needless to say, it was an exciting and impressive outing for WISER’s STEM students.

Final adjustments are made to the hybrid car modelling project that placed 2nd in the Energy Sciences

Sixteen different WISER teams submitted projects to the Nyatike Science and Engineering Fair. These projects, guided by five members of WISER’s dedicated faculty, covered a range of topics chosen by the students.

Projects submitted included:

  • Extracting an Ulcer-Control supplement from local Banana Tree cores
  • Developing the “Mindset Formula” for the Surface Area of a Conical Frustum 
  • The Thermochemical Nut: Assessing Groundnuts as a viable Biofuel
  • The Multi-Powered Lamp: Providing rechargeable power to low-resource regions
  • Designing a Solar-Powered Coolant for rural use

The eleven WISER projects chosen awarded a continuation to the next round will compete against Migori County’s best from March 13th-15th. Last year, WISER had three projects win at this stage and proceed to Regional competition.

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