WISER Campus Expansion Completed

WISER’s new School Hall has a standing capacity of over 1,000

After nearly a year of planning and construction, the highly-anticipated WISER campus expansion has been completed. Thanks to the Social Initiative in Sweden, the WISER Girls campus is now home to more resources than ever before.

This expansion includes:

  • A new Multi-Purpose School Hall that is the largest building in the entire Nyatike Sub-County
  • A fully-functional Computer Lab with 30 HP Desktops (thanks to the Arthur B. Schultz Foundation!)
  • A second Science Lab complete with fume hoods and chemical prep rooms
  • A new Library with over four times the floor space of our previous library
  • A new Staff Office with updated Washrooms
  • Two expanded Dormitory Spaces for our growing student population
  • Six new on-campus Staff Homes for our teachers and their families
  • Four new Classrooms to accommodate doubling the number of students served

Together, these spaces make up an amazing sight to see in what was once a dirt plot less than ten years ago.

Students can access daily national news is WISER’s updated Library

“The girls are so enthusiastic about their new spaces. The library, the science labs; they have our girls celebrating, but this is exciting for everyone,” said WISER Principal Dorcas Oyugi. “I’ve heard guests say that we are outmatching the giants – the top performing schools in Kenya – in what we have for our girls. It’s unbelievable that these resources are available in a place that is this remote.”

One such resource that has the students particularly excited is the computer lab, monitored by new WISER teacher Edwin Okongo. He believes that the computer lab is not just a sign of the expansion’s success, but an opportunity to break a long-standing gender gap in computer science representation.

WISER Girls are already using the computer lab for regional science fair projects

“In any area with poverty, you’re going to see access problems. It kills the morale, the desire to understand technical sciences,” says Edwin. “Society, on top of this, favors male students in access to computers, and even in the university statistics, most of those studying information technology are male.”

“Giving this chance to the WISER Girls is a chance to expose a new generation of female students to computing technology that was denied to them.”

WISER has always been about providing empowering opportunities for girls. This expansion, and the programs that accompany it, are just the latest step in our journey toward providing all of the resources a girl could need to be educated, healthy, and in control of her own life.

We are so thankful to have some of the best supporters in the world and WISER is looking forward to the incredible new outcomes that will emerge from our newest resources.


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