Interview with an Alumna: Meet Nimone

Nimone, WISER Girl Alumna Class of 2016

Nimone first came to WISER in 2013, and is a member of WISER’s most recent graduating class. After placing in the top 10 students of her class in the 2016 national exam, Nimone plans to attend university this September and hopes to earn a placement at Kenyatta University.

Because of her high test scores in Physics and Mathematics, Nimone is looking to become a teacher in a STEM field and has already secured a teaching internship for the months leading up to her first days of university.

We sat down with Nimone to learn more about her story and inspiration.

W: Nimone, what made you want to be a teacher?

N: I like teaching because it helps me build others up. You know, teaching is the reason we have capable people doing good work. Particularly, science teaching is the reason we have so many good engineers, good doctors, those things – I can build those people up with what I do.

W: Why did you want to teach science?

N: I’m good at it, and it’s great to be able to logic your way through a problem. To see the processes, the models, the ideas that lead to a solution. I like that.

W: You’re a young woman teaching physics and mathematics, and there aren’t very many young women in Muhuru Bay teaching STEM subjects. How many other female teachers are at your secondary school?

N: I’m the only female teacher at my school teaching science

W: How does that make you feel?

N: It makes me feel great. And you know what? I can handle it. Because I’m great.

W: I love your confidence.

N: Thank you.

W: Do you feel like you have an opportunity to inspire students in your internship?

N: My students ask me, Madam, how did you manage to master science? What can we do to be like you? And I tell them they should have a positive attitude and persistence – don’t let others tell you that you will fall short.

W: You know, there are a lot of young women that think the sciences are for boys. What would you say to those girls?

N: I want to encourage them – don’t listen to people that tell you that science is hard, that science is just for men, that science isn’t for you. Anything is possible with hard work and the right attitude. Don’t stop working. You deserve to study your passion.

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