WISER Girls Complete KCSE with Confidence


Lucy and Cynthia enter a KCSE testing session with confident smiles

After years of preparation, WISER Girls in their final year of secondary school have completed the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams.

The KCSE can take over a month to administer and covers eleven subjects. It is administered under strict, secure testing conditions to ensure a fair and equal testing experience for all students. The exam determines whether a student qualifies for college or university acceptance, and has direct influence over the distribution of scholarships.

So, how are the WISER Girls feeling after this intense experience that they’ve been anticipating for four years?

“I’m hopeful that I will be among the victors come 2017!”, said Form 4 student Lucy, “Wow! I feel like I’ve made it already.”

Lucy is not alone in her confidence and optimism following the exam, as WISER Girls from all backgrounds are feeling well-prepared and assured.

Cynthia, another Form 4 student, says “I am very proud to be a WISER Girl, and to be a candidate this year who sat for the KCSE. I’m sure that, come next year, the result will be amazing, as it has always been, and that I will be one of the students who will join a university.”

For many girls, the KCSE is the culmination of a once-impossible dream: the completion of secondary school and the possibility of accessing higher education. Despite the fact that KCSE results will not be released for at least another month, the experience of test-taking alone is enough to inspire well-deserved pride.

“I could not imagine reaching this far without WISER…How privileged Muhuru Bay girls can be to have this feeling…I will join a university of my choice come 2017. I know I will,” says Lucy.

It is this confidence that WISER wishes for all girls – the ability to firmly state that once-impossible dreams are not only possible, but likely. As we eagerly await the results of these exams, we also praise Lucy, Cynthia, and all of their classmates for their hard work, drive, and dedication to learning. WISER is so proud to be a part of the education, health, and well-being of these incredible girls.

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