WISER Girls Elect New Student Leaders

WISER's Newest Student Leaders: the 2017 Prefects

WISER’s Newest Student Leaders: the 2017 Prefects

This month the WISER Girls elected a new set of school prefects and student leaders. This group will take charge of WISER’s campus maintenance, dormitories, and study hours, among other responsibilities.

At the head of this group of student leaders is new Head Girl, Winnie. We recently had the chance to sit down with Winnie and learn more about her future goals as she heads into her final year of secondary school.

Winnie grew up as the only girl in a family of 8. As a child, she never thought she would make it to secondary school, let alone be elected Head Girl.


WISER’s New Head Girl, Winnie, in her Kenya Girl Guides uniform

When asked about her life before WISER, Winnie says, “In primary school, I had no hope. I was not able to focus or see any good things in my future.” Yet, Winnie has flourished at WISER. She is well known among her peers as an artist, a singer, and as a strong and respected leader. Winnie recognizes the honor and importance of her new position, saying “I will not take this experience for granted. I will take my studies and my work seriously. Now, I like the way I am. I like the way I can express myself.”

Winnie hopes to one day use her leadership ability and aptitude for commanding a room to become a lawyer. But, before she reaches a court room, she has one thing she wants to take care of first: giving back to her community.

“At the community level, I want to empower girls so that they can feel better. I want to form a program for youth that allows them to express themselves and learn freely. It is the biggest thing I want to achieve in my life. I want to show that anyone can do it.”

Although she was elected only recently, Winnie has already taken charge of her leadership role. Her first act as Head Girl came in the form of a post-election message to the school. Winnie walked to the front of WISER’s largest classroom, and wrote the following:

“To those who have been chosen: do not boast, degrade others, or be unjust. Have good luck in leadership. To those who have lost (the election): note that this is just the beginning.”

While Winnie is certainly a special type of leader, her humility and confidence is shared across WISER’s newest leadership team, and the student body is ready to rally behind their newly elected peers.

As long as these incredible girls are in charge, WISER is in great hands.

voting session

WISER Girls Celebrate the Election Results

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