Florence’s Story: Women and Work in Muhuru Bay

Since the tender age of 8, Florence of Muhuru Bay, Kenya, has had to rely on her mother as her father passed away. Life can be challenging for women living on their own in Muhuru Bay because many women do not work outside of the home or have the education or confidence to search out paid employment.The construction is employing 100 community members and women - a not traditional job for women

In many rural areas of Kenya, women frequently have high household demands such as – gathering firewood, tending family fields, taking care of children or the sick, or walking long distances for water; These factors limit a woman’s ability to work outside of the home. Also, many girls drop out of primary and secondary school due to lack of money to pay for school fees or buy sanitary pads or soap. Many girls as early as the age of 14 get married or pregnant, and eventually find themselves on their own. Florence, like many other women, is a single mother and must find work to support her family.

The WISER boarding school is providing 100 construction jobs to community members of Muhuru Bay, many of them women.

Florence has worked on construction projects at WISER since its opening in 2010. She feels good about supporting a girls’ school and believes she would not have had the opportunity to work in construction without WISER.

Until WISER, only one girl had gone on to a university in Muhuru Bay in 30 years. Now, 85% of girls that graduate from WISER go to a college or university. The construction project will double WISER’s enrollment from 120 to 240 and provide — a new science lab, a new 60-person computer lab, more student and teacher housing, and an event hall to host community events.

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