WISER awarded grant for all-new computer lab



The Arthur B. Schultz Foundation (ABSF) has awarded WISER an $11,000 grant to create a new computer and technology lab for students at the WISER school in Muhuru Bay.

ABSF, which strives to support young women’s leadership and education in developing countries, will provide the funds for a lab containing 30 refurbished computers for student use. This will allow an entire class of WISER girls, such as our newly welcomed WISER class of 2019, to use the lab together at the same time, with each girl having her own computer. Additionally, the lab will feature two Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to protect the lab against surges and potential power fluxes.

This new lab will be used for a variety of purposes including improving digital literacy skills, conducting online research, participating in STEM projects, applying for university, and for continuing long-distance partnerships in WISER’s global peer network. The lab will play a large role in the continued development of WISER’s engineering programs, which rely on constant long-distance communication between the WISER student leaders and their advisers and partners at Duke University’s Center for Global Women’s Health Technologies.

The computers for the lab will be purchased through TechSoup, an international nonprofit network that aims to provide technology to other global nonprofits; particularly those in the development sector. Once the lab is finished, 90% of WISER students will use the lab 3 or more times each week, and 80% of students will use the lab to be in contact with international partners. The lab comes at a time when WISER’s STEM programs have been rapidly expanding, and the new lab can only accelerate this exciting progress.