Where I Am Now

Transition is inevitable when hard work, persistence and dedication drive you towards the achievement of a great lifetime goal. Everyone has valid dreams, no matter what their social and economic background may dictate. I always aspired to be great, to transform the face of my society after getting quality education. This dream has always made me strive for excellence.


Having grown up in a society which is little-known, striving to get the best out of the future is something that I really cherish. The society I was raised in held on to some beliefs which are disadvantageous to the girl-child. It gave more attention to the boy as compared to the girl. Therefore, I was glad to have secured a full scholarship from the WISER School- it is one of my major achievements that I will forever be grateful for.


Otherwise, who knows? Maybe, I would have been affected by the wrong societal practices of demeaning the girl child. Maybe, I would not be where I am. Learning at the WISER School totally transformed me; it paved the way to some of my successes. It molded me into a strong young woman who can compete with others across the world. WISER made me realize my potential and it taught me to be ambitious in life when it comes to pursuing dreams.


After four years in high school, I stayed at WISER, and acted as a Teacher Assistant and a mentor to future WISER graduates. I believe, in my own capacity, I managed to inspire a lot of girls. I really believe that assisting them in their coursework was among the best things that I have ever done. WISER had made me bold. It made me believe in myself and I fully realized this while teaching and interacting with these girls in their classrooms, where I once studied.


Through the leadership skills I acquired from WISER, I got a chance to be part of the Equity African Leadership Program. This was a platform for future leaders who are well-endowed academically, and through learning at WISER and getting quality education for free, I fit that description and secured this chance. The leadership program assisted me in applying to colleges in the United States, which was one of my dreams: to get the highest quality education available to me. It was this chance that would eventually take me to where I am now.


So where am I now?




I put all my efforts into my applications, and as a result, was provided with a scholarship from the MasterCard Foundation and admission to Arizona State University. Today, I study biochemistry at Arizona State. I have just been admitted to the Barrett Honors College, and I still believe I will attend a Medical School and eventually pursue Pharmacy. These things give me the chance to do something I’ve always wanted: to give back to my society


WISER taught me to be aggressive in life and this gave me the confidence to perfectly fit in an American classroom. My freshman experience at Arizona State University goes in hand with how WISER brought me up; taking advantage of every available positive opportunity. This gave me the courage to study in college to ensure I achieve my dreams by utilizing every single facility. For this, I thank the WISER School for setting the pace for me and above all, I thank God!