6 Reasons WISER is Looking Forward to 2016


As we head into a brand new year, it only seems appropriate that WISER would take a moment to do what almost everyone is doing: reflecting and looking forward.

Luckily for WISER, there is plenty to look forward to in 2016. Between unprecedented changes to the WISER campus in Muhuru Bay and all new success stories in the making, there’s a lot to be hopeful and thankful for in the New Year. Here are 6 Reasons WISER is Looking Forward to 2016:

1. Breaking New Ground on Campus

Almost one month ago, WISER made the exciting announcement that the WISER campus in Muhuru Bay would not only expand for the first time- but double in size! In 2016, ground will be broken for the expansion, and construction will begin on new dorm spaces, classrooms, and more. By the time the work is done, the campus will feel like an entirely new space, with twice as many young female scholars living and learning at WISER.

2. All New WISER Girls

As with any new year, an entirely new class of form 1 students will enter WISER and experience life as a WISER girl for the first time. Many of these incoming students will be the first in their family to finish secondary school- what could be more exciting?

3. The Graduation of our 3rd Class

In 2016, WISER will celebrate the graduating class of 2015 in its 3rd-ever graduation ceremony. This community-wide event will bring together hundreds of guests from Muhuru Bay and beyond to recognize the achievements of the 30 young women that will soon be WISER alumni.

4. WISER Program Evaluations

In 2015, WISER played host to a number of research projects that aim, in part, to assess and reinforce WISER’s effectiveness at accomplishing a number of its goals including the improvement of youth mental health and the reduction of secondary school attrition. These projects are due for completion in 2016, and WISER is eager to explore the results.

5. Giving Girls More Agency with their Bodies

In the upcoming year, WISER will present new curricula focused on increasing sexual and reproductive health knowledge amongst WISER girls. Through a new community-supported initiative, WISER girls are learning birth control strategies for when they are not abstinent and information about sexually transmitted infections in their community. Additionally, WISER alumni will be trained as peer educators, serving as empowered sources of knowledge for any WISER girl looking for advice regarding sexual and reproductive health.

6. Strengthening our Global Partnerships

In 2015, WISER became an official partner organization with the Clinton Global Initiative, and founded partnerships with groups such as the Brookings Institute and SAS Analytics. In 2016, WISER hopes to continue to strengthen the possibilities that stem from collaborative efforts and to expand its list of global partners.

To all of our supporters and friends, we want to thank you for a memorable 2015, and welcome you to join us as we enter 2016 with new goals, strong hopes, and big plans for the future of WISER. Happy New Year to all!