WISER Awarded Community Development Grant

This week, WISER International was awarded a GlobalGiving UK Community Development Grant, which will provide first-year scholarships for 3 WISER Girls as they begin their time in secondary school.

The grant is awarded each year to grassroots organizations in Eastern and Central Africa that have demonstrated the ability to have direct impact on the ground. In order to receive the honor, organizations must show a dedication to making a sustainable and collaborative effort to achieve goals that better not only target populations, but  entire communities.

The 10,000 Euro (or $11,022 US Dollars) award will be put toward scholarships for 3 girls in their first year at WISER who will receive books, supplies, all meals, sanitary pads, bedding, uniforms, healthcare coverage, access to sports and extracurricular activities, and a safe and supportive learning environment.

In a community where, prior to WISER, no girl had ever qualified for university, these 3 girls will now join the dozens of success stories that are emerging from Muhuru Bay. By January, 25 or more other girls will have joined this new class through the help of funding from organizations such as Johnson and Johnson and the Segal Family Foundation. The entering class of 2016 is projected to have 0% attrition, and over 80% of the class is expected to enroll in a university following graduation in 2019.

A sincere thank you to GlobalGiving UK for their support of this highly successful model for empowerment, health, and development. We look forward to welcoming the newest class of WISER girls in only a few short months.