The Meaning of WISER

Pictured: Lucy on the water tower on WISER's campus

Sometimes when I sit down and flashback, I think… Life is so funny! My past experiences cannot be admired by any creature in the world. I used to wonder why I was created a girl in Muhuru-Bay—a place where there is gender discrimination. In a real sense, it was seen as a waste of time for girls to be educated. After all, they would only leave the area and get married somewhere else. This belief gave boys the upper hand in education.

Since I had witnessed what other girls in my neighborhood faced, I knew too well that I was on the same path. So, like any other girl in the community, I did not value education much. However, before it was too late, a light descended upon Muhuru girls. The light was WISER secondary school. WISER was started in full force, despite harmful societal beliefs and practices, to improve gender equality in Muhuru Bay through education.

WISER is an NGO focused on the social empowerment of girls through education and health. All the girls learning at WISER are on full scholarship and this is driven through the generosity and love of our international and national donors. Through WISER, Muhuru Bay in Kenya has realized the potential and capabilities of girls; thus, promoting gender equality. WISER has created a new era in Muhuru Bay—an era of progress, not discrimination.

I am not afraid to confess that through WISER, I have seen an improvement in Muhuru Bay primary schools, as students compete stiffly and fairly to join WISER. The WISER school is committed to breaking down the barriers that prevent most girls from attending school by providing full aid to all students. 

The WISER school equips students with confidence, skills, and knowledge needed for post-secondary opportunities in higher education and the job market. As a member of the class of 2015, I believe that I am going to graduate soon as a self-reliant woman leader prepared to make an impact in the world.

I love the WISER school and welcome all to WISER—a nice place to live, learn, and be—which gives you a fresh meaning of life.