5 Reasons to Join us “Under the Tree”

This week marks the release of WIS ER  International’s all-new Under the Tree blog. We’ll be posting a variety of pieces that cover topics from global gender quity and access to education to global health initiatives and personal success stories. 

Big things are in store, and we’d love to have you come along. So here are 5 reasons that you should join us Under the Tree :


Crucial Topics

In 2012, the World Bank declared that “Getting and keeping girls in school reduces child mortality, improves family health, and… the pattern of causation is clear…improvement in girls’ education is the cause of increase in economic growth, not the effect.”

In less than two weeks, the United Nations will approve their Sustainable Development Goals for the next two decades. Among the top 5? Gender equity, improved health, and access to education.

When we talk about “making the world a better place”- this is where we start; with educated, healthy young women all over the world.


International Perspectives 

This blog’s authors bring a lot to the table; and they do so from many different countries. In the next three months alone, we will have the chance to hear voices from the US, the UK, Kenya, Switzerland, and South Africa. A number of these voices will belong to current and former WISER girls.


Personal Accounts 

The stories on Under the Tree come from those that have directly engaged with the realities of WISER’s mission in one way or another. Whether as WISER staff, WISER student, advocate, or ally, each individual author has their own tie to the real-world philosophy of girls education as a development tool for community well-being.


Educational Tools and Opportunities 

Between the WIS ER partners at Duke University, TA SIS, Belmont College, and beyond, we often have interested parties reach out to us about becoming involved in the support of WIS ER ‘s work. 

But before we seek to advocate, we seek to understand. Under the Tree provides a window into the experiences of those that have intersected with WIS ER in their life and in their work. Through this window you, too, may  find a way contribute to the growing collection of WIS ER stories.



Each and every Under the Tree blog post is genuine in more ways than one. We promise to share true, impactful accounts of the work done alongside WISER throughout the years. 

We promise to empower and respect the members of our partnerships. We will not tokenize, objectify, or manipulate in the name of storytelling.

We will practice ethical photography and videography, and give credit where credit is due. 

WISER is based in community, and this will be reflected in what happens here, Under the Tree.